CV – selected / abstract

University of Art and Design, UIAH, Helsinki
University of Helsinki, Art 
University of Helsinki, Mathematics
Living and working in Espoo

Solo exhibitions: (selected, since y 1985)
'Touch of Time' Galleria PirkkoLiisa Topelius, Helsinki 2015
Artistcouple - 'Touch of Time' Galleri Cupido, Stockholm 2014
Artist couple 'Touch of time' Vabaduse Galerii 2013, Tallinn
“Communicable”, Aarni Galleria, WeeGee Art Center 2001 Espoo
Gallerie Yves Fay 1995 Paris
Hässelby Kulturcentrum, 1993 Stockholm
Galleria Stoa 1990 Helsinki
Aalborg Kunstpavillon 1989 Aalborg
Kulturcentrum Linköping 1988
Kellarigalleria 1985 Helsinki

Group exhibitions: (selected, since y 1990)
”Bokartus” Gallery Espoonsilta 2012
Galleri Krebsen Nordic Exhibition Copenhagen 2010
Galleria Aarni, WeeGee Art Center Espoo 2010
Espoo 550y Festival Exhibition, Culture Center 2009 Espoo
Galleria Aarni Exhibitions, WeeGee Art Center Espoo 2009, 2008, 2007
Art in House and New Place of Residence Exhibition 2006 Espoo
Gallen Kallela Museum, 2004 Espoo
WeeGee GoGo EMMA, Espoo Museum of Modern Art 2003
Dimensio, Salo Art Museum 2002 Salo
Tallinn Art Museum, Kastellaani Galerii, Tallinn, 2000
Espoo Artists 20y Anniversary Exhibition Galleria Otso 1999 Espoo
Dimensio, Museum of Foreign Art 1996 Riga
Dimensio, Keski-Suomi Art Museum 1994 Jyväskylä
Dimensio, Museum of Contemporary Art 1992 Tampere
Muu Art in Moscow, Centre of Contemporary Art 1991 Moscow
“Time” Kriittinen tila, Critical stage-hall, 1990 Helsinki
“Cratz”, City of Salo Art Museum 2002
“Communicable” Exhibition WeeGee Art Center 2001 Espoo
“Ritual of objects” Museum of Contemporary Art 1991 Tampere
“Performance – Poetry” Centre of Contemporary Art 1991 Moscow

Workshops, Articles, Teaching Posts:
Lectures and articles of artists, art and cross-arts
Teacher /Principal (1988-2009) of Helsinki Art School
Workshops of fine arts

Public Collections:
Works in public and private collections

Awards and Funds :  ia.
Province Commission of Arts
Funds of State Commission of arts
Foundation of Finnish Culture 
City of Espoo, Foreign Ministry

Union of Finnish Painters, Union of Finnish Artists
Association Of Artists Espoo, Association of Artists Muu-Helsinki
And artist groups: Miracolo, Nomad, Sihe, Vega