My thoughts on the topics and manner of birth of some of my works:

Environmental art and installations

The mirror appears in several installations and works of environmental art of mine. The mirror changes the focus and often provides an inverted view of reality. Behind the mirror is another reality. I do not see the mirror as a mirror, what is essential is not the image on its surface but the inverted reality, the world behind the mirror. When I was at home alone as a child I looked into the large mirror in the hall and I felt that I was connected to something mysterious. What was essential was not the girl in the mirror but the room that was reflected in the mirror.

In the work “In a mirror” (Gallén-Kallela museum, 2004) a mirror reflects the tree tops as if it were water. The work changes with the seasons and light. The tree tops appear as reflections on a water surface, which turns out to be steel mirror. The onlooker sees something else that is special, the surrounding nature seems to be reflected in the “water” surface which is at the height of a well ring above the earth surface.

“In the treeground” (Villa Elfvik, 2002) exhibits a mirror that hangs suspended from a branch of a tree. When one looks high up to the top of the tree one sees the surface of the earth. The focus is changed, things turn upside down – the sky and the earth change places.

“Through water and time” (Fiskars, 1999) was created for the 350-th anniversary of Fiskars. It is a floating text, suspended from branches on opposite sides of the river and transmitting a message from far off beyond time.

“In the living room” was exhibited in the environmental art exhibition in Kauklahti, Espoo during the housing fair in 2006. The sofa I built is a three-dimensional painting which acted as a bus stop during the summer. My intention was to create a refreshing rest spot for the person in a hurry waiting for a bus.

Pan plays the flute” I built in 2010 in the garden of the Jokela manor-house in Hämeenkoski. – Sit down as the evening grows dark into a blue chair under a large willow tree and take hold of the flute. Listen, Pan is playing the flute for you.